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Volunteer Program

Westwood Physical Therapy’s Volunteer Program offers opportunities for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy or other health-related fields. Volunteers are encouraged to observe the physical therapy staff, interact with patients and ask questions.

For an application to volunteer at Westwood Physical Therapy, click here. Please fill out application form and attach resume if possible and email to
(Candidate must have or soon have completed a BA/BS degree and is entering or interested in a DPT program in the near future.)

Click here for the Volunteer Calendar


What are the benefits of volunteering at Westwood Physical Therapy?

Volunteers will be working with a very committed and professional staff who are very involved in local-community services along with local politics. Also, we take on DPT students currently finishing their degree, which can provide insight to the application process and what it is like being a physical therapy student. In addition, we often hire from within, so volunteers may be offered a paying job in the future.

Our office has a lot of physical therapy resources in which a volunteer may access if interested. We have many current articles, videos, DVDs, journals, books, software with exercises, etc. for volunteers to view and learn from. Volunteers will get out of this situation what they put into it.

What can I expect to do (and to do) as a volunteer?

Volunteers can work closely with the physical therapist or aide to help set up a patient on hot/cold packs, clean rooms after treatment, or observe treatments in the gym. Also, we have a complete check off list of the many tasks volunteers can be involved in to help keep the office running efficiently.

Due to insurance policies and legal issues, volunteers are unable to touch a patient. Since we are not a teaching hospital, we cannot have volunteers go into a private room and observe a physical therapist perform treatment care. However, you can earn this opportunity with your actions and commitment and can arrange from time to time to ask a new patient that appears positive about you joining them.

Do you require a set of number of hours to volunteer?

In order to get the most out of your time here, student volunteers are scheduled on a first come-first served basis. Hours/days usually range from 2-4 hours/1-2 days per week. 50 hours of volunteering are required for verification of hours, and volunteers must complete 100 hours for a letter of recommendation.

How can I get to Westwood Physical Therapy?

Visit our Location page or check for the bus system.

I am interested in volunteering at Westwood Physical Therapy. How do I start?

Start by filling out an application form here; you can either fax it back to our office 310.996.1064 or email back your scanned application to From there, our volunteer coordinator will contact you with details about an orientation.

What is the dress code for volunteers at Westwood Physical Therapy?

The dress code is typically casual business or sporty professional. This may include polo shirts, button downs, simple shirts (no casual print t-shirts), slacks, capris, etc. Volunteers must look neat, clean, and professional at all times. No excessive jewelry, strong perfume, jeans of any sort, shorts, dresses or skirts, and sandals can be worn at any time.

We look forward to having you volunteer at our office. You can email for more specific questions and/or schedule a time to come in and check out the clinic.