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Waiting for a physician referral to visit us? Wait no more!

Save time and money by directly seeing your physical therapist first without
a MD referral, eliminating delays in care and unnecessary physician visits.
Quickly resume your health and get back to work!

We provide revolutionary pain relief with no drugs, no side effects, and no surgery! It’s fast, affordable, and our patients love it!

People come to physical therapy because they hurt, not because they feel good. You likely came to this site seeking answers about your pain or injury. WE CAN HELP!

Westwood Physical Therapy has provided West Los Angeles physical therapy services for over 30 years and has the knowledge, skill and motivation to relieve your pain and get you back in action…for GOOD. Come in and experience for yourself.

At our Westwood Physical Therapy Clinic in Los Angeles, Skilled Therapists Can Help You With:

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Whether its the Road to Recovery or Smart Prevention:

Proven Results + Patient Centered + Physical Therapy the Way You Would Expect

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“After suffering nerve injury in my neck that caused a partial paralysis to my left arm, I received the best rehab to get me back to my normal range of movement. Nerve injuries take longer to heal but the treatment worked, and I am so grateful to the staff of Westwood Physical Therapy. Being a retired physical therapist myself, I recognize good treatment and this was it!”

Tennis Player
Q: What did you like most about our clinic and your therapist?

"She is very concerned with the patient's recovery. She is highly skilled and motivates the patients."

Steinberg, R.
"Before coming to Westwood Physical Therapy, I thought I would have shoulder pain for the rest of my life. It's now 90% better and improving every day."